8 'Must Dos' in Broken Hill

A not so spooky tour of the iconic Broken Hill cemetery...the final resting place of many famous and infamous Broken Hill locals and other Australians.

Bells Milk Bar is a step back into the 1950s

Bells Milk Bar is a Broken Hill icon and must visit during your stay. The Bells Milk Bar team has been dishing out its famous milkshakes, sodas and spiders for decades. Stepping inside the milk bar is like stepping back in time with the original 1950s décor still on show and the ‘latest’ hits from that era still playing.

Historic Silverton Church near Broken Hill

Just 20 minutes from Broken Hill in Far West Outback New South Wales, Silverton, is the personification of Australia's outback history and a ‘must do’ day trip. Silverton has starred in countless films, television shows and commercials as the ‘classic Australian outback town’.

The explorer Major Thomas Mitchell followed the Bogan and Darling Rivers down to this area in 1835 and came across the naturally formed Lakes which he named 'Laidley's Chain of Ponds', the Barkindji people referred to these as 'Wontanella' meaning 'Many Waters'.

History will come alive as you drive along the road through the Appollyon Valley thinking " how did they find this mine? ". Then coming over the hill to view the magnificent smelter built by the Daydream Mining Association and used by Broken Hill. Then the old township which once had a population of approx 500.

The Miners Memorial sits atop the 'line of load' (the big hill of dirt where THE broken hill used to be) along side the Broken Earth Cafe Restaurant. It's a memorial to the 700+ miners who have died here since the 1800's when the mines began. The name and cause of death for every fatality is listed in the memorial.

You can easily lose track of time in this treasure trove of creativity where you’ll spy something new in every corner. The Silver City Mint and Art Centre Is an eclectic mix of artistic talent, big and small in the heart of Broken Hill.

The awe inspiring Living Desert Sculptures are deservedly the most iconic and photographed attraction in Broken Hill. Nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges, the Living Desert Reserve is easy to access and located just 12km from the city centre. Take your time and explore the spectacular topography and scenery within the vast 2400ha reserve.

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